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I found your words

and I ate them

12 June
I like quoting other people, contemplating the commonplace, practicing Spanish/Portuguese/language of the moment on whomever will let me, and being random in positive ways. I love studying, analyzing, and discussing literature. And Spanish grammar. The subjunctive makes me wriggle with joy.

I'm a language fiend. I am a native English speaker, fluent in Spanish and Brazilian Portuguese, and desperate to learn more. I have been variously sucked in by Arabic, French, and German. My location precludes serious study, though; I live in a very rural region with few foreign language speakers. Working on French next.

I'm a teacher. Spanish, English, and ESL. Working on an MA in Applied Linguistics. Attempting to maintain sanity in the midst of massive readings, essays, and sixth-graders. Occasionally frazzled, always excited about learning, sometimes a little too much of both.