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He decidido poner privado mi livejournal.  Si crees que mereces un vistazo, comenta con una buena razon porque. 

Decidi fazer meu Livejournal friends-only.  Se você acha que merece vê-lo, comente com uma boa razão. 

I've decided to make my livejournal private.  If you think you deserve a look, comment with a good reason why.

Aaaand those are all the languages I know. 

Jul. 1st, 2008

so, to make my millionth post of the last three days... I'm in the middle of watching Vantage Point, the movie that was shot in Salamanca a couple years ago and just came out on dvd today.  There are so many things wrong with this - the filmmakers conveniently changed everything about the city to suit the movie.  They make it look like there's a heavy Arab population in salamanca, when there's nothing that far north.  They also cut out the part about the whole city being pedestrian and make it look like it's a huge city of 6 million people.  definitely not.  more like 150,000. 

On the plus side, the spanish accent sounds really funny to me, but I can still understand it.  They speak a lot of Spanish without subtitles, i guess for the mysterious quality it gives the movie, but since i understand it, it's pretty cool.  The shots of the city are so random.  It's really disorienting.

Also, the one guy, Agent Taylor, is supposedly Spanish, but his spanish SUCKS bad.  Hahaha, now they're racing down calle san pablo toward the river.  Over cobblestone roads and everything.  Wow.  a lot of these actores don't speak spanish well.  That's disappointing.

Also disappointing is the fact that they added overpasses, train and highway. 

Overall:  not nearly as dynamic as I'd hoped.  The city was a mere backdrop, nothing about Spanish life, people, culture, nothing historical, nothing particularly engaging, actually.  Really, a misrepresentation of the country, the city, and terrorism.

Not even a good Spanish dialogue.

two pulgas abajo.


Oct. 28th, 2007

what the crap is going on with facebook?  I can't get the website to load, and I have stuff I want to do!!!
Ack, I'm in the middle of Spain and I'm lamenting a lack of facebook... I'm an addict.
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